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TMJ Disorders, Facial Pain or Condylar Resorption

Our Practice and What We Do

Dr. Gottesman recognizes that each patient presents with unique problems.  Whether you suffer from TMJ Disorder, Facial Pain or Condylar Resorption, the patients who seek my care want to find a diagnosis.
Dr. Gottesman concentrates on diagnosis because how do you know how to treat if you don’t know what causes your condition.  Zebra Diagnosis was developed with you in mind.

When You Want To Know Why

As a noted lecturer and author, Dr. Gottesman developed an investigative protocol to help patients attempt to obtain a diagnosis. Working in 4 sectors, Dr. Gottesman takes advantage of the latest technologies and a vast amount of research information in order to find your diagnosis.  He uses a

  • Detailed questionnaire.
  • Reviews all your past information and studies.
  • Performs a comprehensive physical exam.
  • Orders blood tests.
  • Prescribes imaging studies to locate treatment “targets.” 
  • Coordinates care with any medical and dental specialty practices depending on your findings.


The type of patients who would most benefit from Dr. Gottesman’s expertise are those people who remain undiagnosed and are having difficulty obtaining satisfactory treatment and answers. 


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Dr Gottesman prides himself on the the personalized attention each patient receives. 

Dr Gottesman establishes a caring and trusting relationship by taking the time to understand the wants and concerns of each patient which is central to his practice.

We welcome you to our practice with the intent of providing you with exceptional dentistry and service delivered in a dignified manner.


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